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CPDtv offers verifiable Continuous Professional Development for accounting professionals. CPDtv has produced more than 300 CPD programmes since our first programme in October 2009.

The service is designed to save time and money, both currencies in short supply in todays pressured society.

We produce 20 one-hour programmes per year. The content is structured in such a way that it meets the minimum requirements of most accounting assosciations. We offer 2 Ethics, 4 Accounting and 12 Tax programmes and 2 Others per year. Where appropriate we will also include some special interest topics. Where presenters make available more detailed notes to their presentation it can also be downloaded in PDF format from this website.

After viewing the pogrammes, subscribers are required to complete a short questionnair in order for us to proof that subscribers have viewed the programme and therefor qualify for verifiable CPD.

Currently members of SAICA, SAIPA, IAC and ICBA are utilising the service but their are also other associations that allows their members to use the service for their CPD requirements.